Why You Need To Visit A Tile Showroom

visit a tile showroom

When it comes to choosing tiles for your home renovation project, the selection to choose from is massive. 

Getting inspiration from websites, such as Pinterest is a great starting place to see what’s out there, but to really see what tiles look like up close, you need to visit a tile showroom.

Not convinced? Here are a few more reasons why visiting a tile showroom is worth it when deciding which tiles to buy for your home.

Tiles look different in person compared to online:

Although looking at tiles online will certainly give you an idea of how they look in terms of overall style, shape, and colour, you’re not really going to get the full picture until you visit a tile showroom.

This is an especially important point to remember when it comes to the colour of the tiles since different computer and phone screens can make things look slightly darker or light compared to how they look in real life.

So to avoid being caught out and ending up with tiles that don’t match the colour scheme you’ve chosen, it’s always best to take the time to go to your local tile store when possible.

You’re able to feel what the texture is like:

Another important aspect of tiles that you can’t really measure when looking online is the texture. Some may look more smoother or grainier than they actually are, and if you’re going for a very specific look and feel for your tiles, then you really need to visit a tile showroom to see them in person before purchasing.

You can try out different combinations:

When you visit a tile showroom, you’ll be able to, not only look at the different tiles available in your chosen style, but you can try them out with different combinations, such as what the wall tiles you’ve chosen look like against the floor tiles you’re thinking of. 

You can even mix and match different wall tiles together to create a custom look that you wouldn’t have been able to do online.

You’ll be able to get personalised advice:

Buying tiles, especially for the first time, can be quite overwhelming, and as good as they look, not all tiles are suitable for all rooms, so you’ll want to speak to someone who really knows their stuff.

The best way to do this is by visiting a local tile retailer who can give you personalised, expert advice and answer any questions you might have.

Let us help you

Tiles are not things you can change easily, so being completely sure of your choice is crucial. When you book a showroom appointment with us, our friendly team of experts will be on hand to guide you every step of the way so that you’re able to make the right choice and leave with something you love.